Israeli High Technology Firms

A list of Israeli high-technology companies in the computer, electronics, software, and medical fields.

Elron Electronics Industries
Possibly the largest and most important of the Israeli electroncs companies. Elron holds investments in many other Israeli high technology companies such as Chip Express and Zoran.
chip company. A spin-off of Elron.
Tower Semiconductor
A spin-off of National Semiconductor. Tower was established as a joint venture of National Semiconductor, The Israel Corporation, and Data Systems and Software Inc. Tower maintains a semiconductor fabrication facility in Israel. Tower manufactures the chips designed by many other Israeli companies such as Chip Express. NASDAQ (TSEMF)
CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd.
Internet Security Products
Zoran Corporation
Image, Video, and Audio Compression NASDAQ (ZRAN)
Packard Bell
PC Maker
VDOPhone, VDOLive, VDOWave, wavelet-based video compression products.
The DSP Group Inc.
TrueSpeech audio compression
Madge Networks
Networking hardware. NASDAQ (MADGF)