CompCore Multimedia CD Vision MPEG and Video CD Player

CD Vision is a user interface resembling a VCR control that allows the user to play MPEG files, CD-I CD-ROMs, and Video CD CD-ROMs. It works with the CompCore SoftPEG MPEG decoder and MCI driver. It should also work with any OM-1 compliant MPEG MCI driver. John McGowan is author of the CD Vision user interface.

CD Vision displays the video window in a separate display resembling a television. The On Screen Display beneath the video window indicates Video CD track selected, time in MPEG sequence, volume setting, and other information. The user can remove the On Screen Display by clicking on the right mouse button. The user can restore the On Screen Display by clicking the right mouse button again.

CD Vision is available in slightly modified form as SoftPEG 96 for Windows 95 from R and D Products in Japan where it is bestselling software. R and D has replaced the CompCore name on the VCR control bitmap with R&D Computer and added a few extra buttons.

CD Vision is now available for sale to end users in the United States as part of CompCore's SoftPEG product through Visible Light. Visible Light SoftPEG Page

Please Note: John McGowan was employed by CompCore Multimedia from January, 1995 to October, 1996. he is no longer affiliated with CompCore nor is this Web page. Please contact CompCore for official information on CompCore and its products. He did do most of the development for the user interface for CD Vision while at CompCore.

CompCore Multimedia specializes in hardware and software MPEG. For further information on CompCore:

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MPEG , derived from the Motion Picture Experts Group, is an international standard for compression and storage of audio and video data. Up to 72 minutes of digital video can be stored on a standard CD-ROM using MPEG. MPEG is used in Phillips CD-I CD-ROMs, the Video CD standard, and in high definition television.

MCI stands for Media Control Interface. This is a standard defined by Microsoft for using Multimedia devices within Microsoft Windows. The CompCore MPEG decoder is implemented as an MCI driver. Any user interface that uses standard MCI commands can work with the SoftPEG MPEG decoder. CD Vision uses MCI commands to control any MPEG MCI driver.

Video CD is a standard for storing digital audio, video, still images, and music on CD-ROM's. It uses MPEG for encoding the audio, video, and still images. Video CD 1.1 includes support for selecting different tracks by number. Video CD 2.0 includes support for menu navigation including support for clicking on menus with a pointing device such as a mouse. Video CD is widely used in the Far East. CD Vision provides full support for Video CD features including menus and mouse selection of menus. English language Video CD CD-ROMs are available from:

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